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COVID-19 has provided the opportunity for more and more of the workforce, to work from home in an increased capacity.

It is a responsibility of the employer, to ensure that employees workplaces are fit for purpose.
This not only pertains to fire and safety measures, but also general health and ergonomic considerations.

Resolve SFM is certified by TQCSI Australia to undertake in home audits of your employees.

Let us provide you with peace of mind, that employees home workspaces are safe, secure, and productive.

What We Provide

On behalf of you, with written permission, we will enter the home of individual employees, and perform an in person Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) audit of the home workstation.

The inspection is scalable to cover everything from OHS, to  Electrical Safety.

These inspections follow all COVID-19 guidelines and safe practices. 

These inspections meet all relevant Australian Standards

We are an Australian owned and managed organisation with extensive experience in this sector.

Why Perform Inspections

  • Understand the environment your employees are operating in
  • Ensure your staff are operating in a safe environment
  • Provide feedback to your staff on a safe and effective workstation
  • Ensure staff are working safely and securely
  • Better understand employees unique situations
  • Reduce Business Risk Exposure
  • Ensure all risk mitigation strategies are in place
  • Assist in providing a productive and effective work space 

Inspection Packages Available

OHS  Audit

OHS and Safety Audit

Test and Tag of all electrical cords of the workstation. This would typically consist of:

  • Two Monitors
  • Laptop/PC power cord
  • Power strip

Platinum Inspection has all the same inclusions as our Gold offering.

However two inspections are performed of the same residence, at a six monthly interval.

This is extremely beneficial in our experience, as any remedial actions that were required can be re-evaluated.

It also offers the opportunity to inspect if any recommendations, and good practices are being followed.

Why Us

We have a wide geographical reach

We have an extensive reach across Australia 

Resolve SFM have dedicated resources in these locations.

Receive the reports instantly upon completion

  • Receive the individual reports as soon as they are completed.
  • The report will include all remedial actions required

Latest Technology


Our Certifications

  • ISO9001 Certified
  • ISO14001 Certified
  • ISO45001 Certified

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